23rd EuroQSAR

23rd European Symposium on Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship

Integrative Data-Intensive Approaches to Drug Design

 Heidelberg, Germany    September 26-30, 2022


  • What happens to your registration for EuroQSAR 2020?

Registration and pre-paid registration fees will automatically be transferred to EuroQSAR 2022. We hope that you will still be able to participate. In case the new dates don’t arrange your agenda, you can transfer your registration to a colleague or benefit from a voucher to access another event organised by LD Organisation in 2022. Ultimately, if not used, your pre-paid fees will be fully reimbursed after EuroQSAR 2022. Transfers and/or reimbursement requests should be sent to secretariat@LDOrganisation.com.

  • What happens to your submitted abstract for EuroQSAR 2020?

Your abstract submission remains valid for the 2022 dates, but it will only be reviewed after the new submission deadlines in 2022. We will get in touch with you later this year when the abstract submission tool will reopen, to allow you to update your abstract, cancel it or submit a new one. No action is required from you at this stage, but in case you have any questions, please contact us at secretariat@LDOrganisation.com.

  • What happens with my travel and hotel booking?

As mentioned in our General terms and Conditions, neither LD Organisation, nor the Organisers shall be liable for reimbursing travel costs or accommodation arrangements made by individual delegates.

  • Can I already register for EuroQSAR 2022?

Our online registration and abstract submission tool will newly be accessible in fall 2021. If you were registered for EuroQSAR 2021, you will not need to make a new registration.

  • Any other questions?

We invite you to check our General Terms & Conditions or to contact us at for any outstanding questions. We believe that postponing the symposium is the best option to ensure a successful and safe event for everyone and we look forward to meeting you all in 2022!